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Welcome to The Crèche!  We are excited to come together as a community to celebrate the season with this FREE, family friendly festival that will share the story of Christ’s birth through a live outdoor nativity, original Christ-centered artwork, a display of hundreds of nativities from around the world, and inspirational Christmas music.  All are welcome to attend! 

What  is  a  "Crèche"?

A crèche is a set of statues that represents the scene of Jesus Christ's birth that is generally displayed during Christmas - also referred to as a Nativity.


What  is  Our  "Why"?

The Crèche festival started in 2014.  It is a community event that allows members of all faiths to come together and celebrate Christ's birth - the true reason for the Christmas season! 

How Can I Participate?

We appreciate all who share their talents and nativity scenes for everyone to admire and enjoy!  If you have any nativity scenes you would like to display in the festival, musical talents you would like to share or if you would like to participate in the live nativity - please contact us at

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